Mali korak offers a variety of workshops that develop skills and behavior models in the spirit of cooperation, tolerance, mutual trust and support, creative conflict resolution and non-violent communication to all those interested in improving their personal growth and development through nurturing non-violence, cooperation and working in a different culture than the one we live in – the culture of peace and non-violence, as well as to those who want to improve their professional reputation and opportunities. Several times a year, we organize seminars for all interested public, and we send invitations to the members of our organization. If seminars and workshops are taking place in Zagreb, they are free of charge for our members. During seminars and workshops, we go through situations, exercises, activities and games that we can practically apply in our profession and life.

The workshops are specially structured to cater to the needs of educators (nursery assistants, teachers, pedagogues, professors) and other professionals (social workers and other help providers in group work with young people) as well as for the members of civil initiatives and non-governmental organizations.

  1. Education and specialization in the techniques of team building and group leadership, as well as teaching/learning methods:

  2. Team building skills

  3. Principles of group work

  4. Role of leader (facilitator) and successful mediation of group interactions (facilitation)

  5. Observing group processes

  6. Typical interfering behaviors in a group

  7. Work in various group forms and structures

  8. Skill of giving and receiving feed-back

  9. Structuring, developing and leading team work

  10. Positive strategies in attitudes toward work

  11. Skills for managing educational institutions (management for schools)

  12. Methods of teaching and learning

  13. Learning models

  14. Characteristics of learning styles

  15. Methods of teaching and learning styles

  16. Techniques of creative thinking and guided fantasy exercises

  17. Structured learning program of social competence

  18. Group process evaluation (process evaluation)

  19. Communication skills and conflict management skills (in school, family, neighborhood)

  20. Art of non-violent communication

  21. Verbal and non-verbal communication

  22. What is non-violent communication – art of active listening

  23. Assertiveness exercises: I and YOU statements - turning YOU-statements into I-statements

  24. Exercises of paraphrasing and clear expression of feelings and needs

  25. Exercises of decoding of messages

  26. Empathy for oneself

  27. How to react in especially delicate communication situations (blaming, threatening, attack)

  28. Conflict management skills

  29. Conflict types – personal and group conflicts

  30. Principles of cooperation and team work

  31. ‘No-loser’ methods of problem/conflict resolution

  32. Skills of group problem resolution

  33. Reactive and proactive models of behavior

  34. Mediation and negotiating

  35. Conflicts in family, among children in school, in the neighborhood, at work


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