Main activities of the Center are:

  1. Organizing and expert leading of workshops, courses, seminars, counseling sessions and round table discussions>

  2. Designing educational programs and educating different groups of users

  3. Creating collaborator teams for education, mediation and facilitation

  4. Establishing groups or networks of trainers in peace education (or human rights education)

  5. Publishing appropriate literature (leaflets, bulletins, textbooks>)

  6. Collecting, exchange and translation of books in the area of human rights and education for democratic citizenship as well as the area of the culture of peace and non-violence     

Realized projects

  1. Peaceful resolution of problems in school, youth for youth and relieving of trauma, duration of project - 5 years: 1996 to 2001, funded by UNICEF

  2. Non-violent conflict resolution in schools, duration of project - 3 years: 2002 to 2004, funded by the Governmental Office for civil initiatives

  3. Program of conflict resolution for introducing human rights education into primary and secondary schools, realized in 2003, funded by the Matra Kap Small Grants of the Netherlands Embassy

  4. Program of social learning for the culture of peace, democracy and human rights, realized in 2003/2004, funded by the Ministry of science, education and sport

  5. School of active citizenship – for young people and adults, 2003/2004 - action "What can we do for the local community?", funded by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) within the CroNGO program of the American agency for international development (USAID)     

  6. Education for human rights and democratic citizenship for teachers and parents, 2004, funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

  7. Intercultural learning at the level of local community: youth initiatives against racism, nationalism and discrimination, 2004, funded by the Matra Kap Small Grants of the Netherlands Embassy

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